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Crypto Fund & Institutional Digital-Assets, Educator, Trader and Entrepreneur

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth In Our Lifetime Will Happen Digitally. Are You Prepared? All elite athletes and successful business people have coaches. Shouldn’t you have one to help you navigate this emerging technology that will not only change the world but for those who position themselves in front of it, can create a legacy of generational wealth… And that future is digital. Just holding some coins is not a good idea in this condition of the cryptocurrency market

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Welcome To Elena Huffman

I’m Elena Huffman, the crypto trader who will bring you to the moon. I have been an investment adviser representative since 1996 when I began my career with Morgan Stanley (then known as Dean Witter Reynolds). In the year 2000. I have maintained my certification since then through continued study and application. I have been managing, teaching, and coaching high-performing teams since the beginning of my career. Several years ago my passion for helping and teaching people was merged with my passion for technology as I learned more about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Digging deep and learning about the issues with the current legacy financial systems solidified my passion for cryptocurrency and all things related to it.



I aim to provide a solid market perspective on medium to long-term opportunities from my expert team and deliver a deeper sense of confidence and knowledge to my students ahead of time. This content derives mainly around the movements of the Cryptocurrency market leaders; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP.


I offer a unique and intensive Cryptocurrencies Mentorship & Coaching Trading Program. 1-on-1 sessions that nobody else in the cryptocurrency industry delivers better. A program that is entirely tailored to your own experience and pace. My Trading Program leaves inefficient big group learning programs in the dust.


With a hybrid set of market indicators and risk strategies that ensure high profits with low risk. My team trades and reviews each crypto signal for accuracy before sharing it with my students and highly increase the results by running the live trading stage, this is awesome to ensure maximum profit.



With many predators taking advantage of people with fake cryptocurrency scams and high-cost-low-value education programs, I decided to make my sole focus around educating and coaching others.

I realize the road to mass adoption must travel through education and user-friendly platforms. I also realized over many years of coaching others that education without proper mindset and personal development coaching doesn’t lead to desired results.

Through my strategic partners and personalized 1-on-1 coaching and education program, I will give you the right tools and mindset needed to make the right decisions in this space.


You will find professional crypto help like never before.


I promise you the best teamwork possible - your portfolio under your control combined with my expert advice for success.


No worries about your personal information. I guarantee 100% privacy, security, and encryption.


Get helpful support from me whenever you need it - 24/7, all through the week.


What My Students Say About My program

I can honestly say that Elena Huffman changed my life for the better.... I stumbled across her 2 years ago, I used to save cash in my toolbox as ridiculous as that sounds.... Since I've started trading with Elena Huffman last year I'm up by 1700%!!!..... I never would have done this alone. Thanks for teaching others... And being an example in trading… Keep up the great work

Jonny Wilson

Here in a few months BITCOIN is going to spike and the best way to invest your money before it spike is to trade. Made so many loss when I started trading but I was able to recover my loss by trading with signals and analysis from Elena Huffman very reliable trader.

Alison Jkershaw

I've seen different people speak of different trading strategies , while some get to lose on a daily and weekly , BTC is the biggets asset anyone should posses right now at this time and having a better trading experts like Elena Huffman will help skip losses on every trading session, I pray everyone reading this will be successful in life

Hadzhieva Milena

Without a doubt the best crypto coach. Even though I was a newbie Elena Huffman was polite and friendly from the start; teaching me everything I need to know from buying crypto to making profit from trades.

Herman Gilbert

I will take you by hand and teach you how to trade from the first movement you have to do, till the last one, for every type of crypto trading.

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